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Toronto's New Sound


Don fredericko - creative director/producer

Frederick “Don Fredericko” Brobbey is a Toronto based music producer working with multiple record labels in the United States and Canada. He spends most of his time as an audio engineer and producer working out of various studios throughout Toronto. When he's not in the studio he enjoys sharing his knowledge with peers and does this by running a variety of music programs and workshops. Spending the first few years of his life traveling around the world, he was exposed to many cultures and as a result many forms of music. He followed his father to numerous shows, events and churches for many years and this helped him to realize that music was something he wanted to make. His first introduction into hip-hop/ RnB was listening to the old school classic, "They Reminisce Over You" by Pete Rock & CL Smooth. His skills and musical resources grew and developed as did his relationships with many local and international artists. As a self-taught artist, Don Fredericko has been an advocate in the Weston Mt.Dennis community for the past 10 years focusing on building relationships through music. Today, he is the Creative Director and Lead Producer at JustOverMusic. Don Fredericko is preparing to release his first full length album titled, “Nostalgia”. The project is slated to be released in December of 2017 and will feature guest performers like Cash Money Records newest signee, “J-Soul” and R&B crooner, “The Letter Z”, Supreme Swiss, Jaek Delarge and Harmony.


kazeem agboola - program director

Kazeem Jr. Agboola is a recording engineer and studio program facilitator at JustOverMusic. He spends his time working with youth to serve as a catalyst in their development as artists and producers. Kazeem’s parents and siblings have noted his gravitation towards the arts and his ability to quickly grasp, understand and emulate newly learned skills. Growing up in a Nigerian-Canadian home, Kazeem had been influenced by both traditional Nigerian folk Music; as well as, popular R&B, and rap songs that his siblings and cousins would play in the home.

Coming from humble beginnings, Kazeem understands the difficulties the youth of Toronto face. He can relate to the youth on many levels; thus, he has become an active member in his community often mentoring his peers. Although he currently serves as a facilitator/engineer, he has developed much deeper relationships with the participants who now see him as a friend and a big brother. Kazeem continues to develop his skills as an engineer; he believes there is strength in numbers and chooses to teach anyone who’s willing to learn.




After attending The Centre For Arts & Tech in Halifax,  Matt Stevens (aka MSA) began interning at well known recording studio Cherry Beach Sound in Toronto. It was there that he obtained real life experience working in many sessions alongside artists such as Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars and Lewis Hamilton. Eventually Matt had a remarkable opportunity to work with Inaam Haq (The Guru) becoming his assistant engineer; this mentorship continued until he started to Engineer sessions on his own. Eventually, Matt was offered a job by Cash Money artist J Soul to which he gladly accepted and is still presently working with. He then left his position at Cherry Beach and went freelance. Matt now works with many artists in the GTA area and has recently been involved in projects for Keys n Krates, J Soul, Jimmy Prime & T Pain.



sEBASTIAN VALIENTE - recording & mixing

As a former participant of our artist development program, Sebastian Valiente has gone on to hone in on his skills at the Trebas Institute in Toronto. Finishing at the top of his class Sebastian has developed a strong and creative ear. Sebastian specializes in working with Christian artist and youth groups. .... add more back story


Shazan "Shizzy" ali - recording & mixing

Shazan Ali, better known by his stage name Shizzy, is a Canadian audio engineer, record producer and DJ. Shizzy recorded, mixed and mastered “For the Streets” by Germz which won best song in a video at the Red Carpet Treatment Video Awards in April 2015. Born and raised in the projects of Jane and Finch, Toronto, Shizzy began working as a DJ. In the 2000’s Shizzy followed his calling in music studying the art of Audio Engineering, Production and DJ Arts, at Trebas Institute graduating with Honours. Shortly thereafter, he landed his first Engineering position at The Loft, a small studio downtown Toronto. In 2013, Shizzy took a chance, bought his own studio equipment and started his own business; Shizzy is owner and operator of The Outlet Recording Studio. Over the years Shizzy has been a major part of several artists' careers including Robbie Khan, Century Sam, Lola Bunz, Germz, Black Gang, Age, Shel-B GT, Tri Shy, Coco Leah, and Kevy Kev. In 2015, Shizzy teamed up with Just Over Music and serves as one of our in-house engineers.